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Non Destructive Examination

Non destrutive examination is a method to inspect a component to seek flaws that can arise internally (non visible) or externally. 

By volumetric test method (ultrasonic and x-ray) the component is inspected internally and any flaws can be identified and eventually repaired.

By superficial test method (liquid penetrant, visual, magnetic inspection) surface and near surface flaws can be identified.

Ultrasonic test is used also for thickness measurement which is usefull for serveral applications:


  • Corrosion under insulation (coating)
  • Wall thickness (integrity)

PED equipment re-certification (every 10 years)


Our capabilities extends in the following methods:

Ultrasonic Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Visual Inspection

Liquid Penetrant

X Ray film review


To perform NDE we use our own equipment with qualified and personnel according to ISO 9712.