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The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. [Benjamin Franklin]

Shop Inspections

We know inspections are very important since represents a crucial point in terms of quality. During inspection of an equipment, component or even a structure like a bridge, it is important to keep in mind the fitness for purpose and the expected life.

Functional test for equipments is the most important operation since is the very first test. For this reason, the inspector who attend the inspection needs to be prepared knowing the requirements, judging with impartiality and adding his skills in order to fully perform the test.

In our team we have more than 20 years in experience in inspections having experience with the following equipments:

  • Valves: API 6D SS, API 6D, ISO 5208, API 6A, American standard B16.10 (flanged valves, buttwelded valves) threaded & sockewelded
  • Pumps: API 610
  • Fittings: American Standard B16.9 BW Fittings; American Standard B16.11 Threaded fittings; ASME B16.11 Socket welded fittings
  • Flanges: American Standard (B16.5; B16.47 A/B; B 16.36); API 6B/6BX, DIN, BS10
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pipes: American Standard B31.3, ISO 

We can cover inspections worldwide, by using the inspector that better fit the needs of our customer.