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Welding Inspections

Welding is a joining process and requires a special attention, both during welding and after operation.

There are several aspects that have an influence on the goodness of the joining process. It is important that the process is monitored keeping in mind quality and technical aspects. 

With our registered inspectors, we can take care of the welding process, starting from the fit-up, going throu non destructive examination and finally visual inspection with all defects identification.

We are experienced with the following codes:

  • BPVC, B16.25; B31.3; B31.1
  • AWS D1.1
  • BS 2633; 2971; 4515
  • ISO 9606; 9692; 13847
  • EN 287-1; 1011; 1708

We use our calibrated instruments to carry out visual and dimensional inspection of the weldings, all done with impartiality, skills and without compromising quality.